WaoERP Shipping Connectors

An Intelligent Way to Improve the Shipping Process

WaoERP offers numerous add-ons apart from the mainstream ERP modules. For example, when you implement WaoERP applications such as sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, etc. you will get the add-ons for other important aspects. To put it another way, managing the processes like shipping, you will need a shipping connector to make this process seamless. Therefore, WaoERP offers shipping connectors such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Let's take a look into various shipping connectors that we provide

UPS Shipping Connector

To streamline the whole shipping process and minimize the shipment preparation time, WaoERP offers a smart solution, i.e, a Shipping Connector.

We integrate the system with UPS so that you do not face any challenges while delivering items to your customer locations. With the popular and most trusted UPS shipping platform, you do not have to worry about the delay in product delivery. WaoERP platform allows you to configure the UPS delivery method when you create a Sales Order.

The system will automatically submit the order to UPS as soon as you confirm the delivery order. Also, the shipment label and tracking detail will be generated back in the WaoERP platform. This robust ERP solution's shipping connectors help you reduce the cost as well as effort while reducing the risk of delivery getting delayed.

  • This add-on allows you to integrate multiple UPS accounts with WaoERP

  • You can configure both, domestic as well as international delivery methods

  • Automation of shipping label generation as soon as you validate the delivery order

  • Consistent shipment tracking 

  • Configure and set delivery method in sales order

FedEx Shipping Connector

We all know that FedEx is a renowned shipping solution that is used across the globe. Whether it is domestic shipping or international shipping, FedEx has been the most trusted shipping partner of so many organizations.

Whether it is a small business or large enterprise all sizes of businesses are using FedEx. Therefore, having a WaoERP add-on, FedEx shipping connector makes the shipping process more effective and seamless. All things considered, WaoERP FedEx integration empowers you to make your shipping process more efficient and faster.

You can configure the shipping method and then set it while creating a Sales Order. This ERP software's automation capability helps you get the shipment label and tracking number automatically while you validate the delivery order.

  • Automatically generate the shipping labels and send orders to FedEx while validating the Delivery Order.

  • Besides, if some unexpected situation comes and you want shipment cancellation, you can revert generated labels back

  • Track the shipment in real-time to avoid any mishappenings 

  • With a single WaoERP instance you can integrate and manage multiple FedEx account 

USPS Shipping Connector

This connecter allows you to connect the WaoERP platform with the USPS shipping solution. Simply, it synchronizes all the shipping data in a single place.

Further, you can easily manage your delivery operations directly from WaoERP. Using WaoERP USPS shipping connector not only he's you get the best in class shipping solution but also helps you gain a team of shipping experts that will surely help you with seamless and efficient shipping process management.

All things considered, using the WaoERP add-on helps you deliver the orders on time and it will surely improve the customer experience.

  • Using this connector you can track all your orders in real-time and eliminate the risk of late deliveries/wrong deliveries.

  • Furthermore, you can create and manage multiple USPS accounts at a time.

  • This shipping add-on enables you to cancel shipments if something unexpected happens. 

  • Moreover, not only domestic deliveries but also international shipments can be managed with the help of USPS shipping connector.

  • As soon as you validate the delivery orders, the connector will allow the system to generate shipping labels automatically.

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