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The Customer Relationship Management system allows you to capture the leads and add their details. Assign leads to the salesperson so that they can work on nurturing them and give their full to convert them into customers. With the schedule activity feature, they can schedule calls, emails, meetings with leads/opportunities. This will result in consistent follow-up with the potential customers. Furthermore, you can quickly create and send quotations from the CRM platform. 

Also, you can create stages such as new, assigned, in progress, opportunity, closed, etc. It depends on your requirement that how many stages you want to add and what you want to name them. All things considered, a CRM solution helps to manage the sales pipeline and the sales team in an efficient way. Keep track of the performance of each salesperson by evaluating CRM reporting.


The Sales management solution allows you to create quotations and send them to your customers just in a few clicks. WaoERP sales application helps you make order fulfillment efficient and fast. Simply receive customers' orders, deliver, and track till your client receives them. Send invoices and receive payments from your customers quickly. In case of partial payment or no payment,  keep a tab on outstanding payments and consistently follow-ups with your clients to get paid. 

This sales application helps you fulfill orders on time to improve the client experience. Moreover, using this platform you can create and configure products with multiple attributes. This system has the option to define the product type like consumable, stockable, services, and more. Also, you can customize the system as per your need, which means add or remove features & functionalities as per your business requirements.


WaoERP inventory management system enables you to handle entire inventory operations in an efficient manner. Easily manage all the items and assets in your warehouse while improving operational efficiency. This solution includes management and monitoring of delivery orders, inventory adjustments & movement, product receipts, multi-location, product picking-packing-shipping, product scraping, product shipping, and more. Simply put, keep a tab on stock transfers, whether they are internal (from one location to another within the warehouse) or external (product reception to your warehouse location or product delivery to customer location). 

Also, the inventory management application is integrated with sales, purchase, manufacturing, etc. It makes the whole material/product movement seamless, from procurement to delivery at the client location. This is an advanced inventory management system as it automates inventory operations. For example, automatic generation of RFQs as soon as the stock level goes low. You will have intelligent features like reordering rules, smart schedulers, multiple routing options, and so on.


The purchase management software helps you find the right vendor for your business. Easily create and send RFQs to your suppliers. After getting quotations from the vendors choose the best suitable pricing and sign the agreement with them. WaoERP purchase solution automates the process, which means creating RFQs and purchase orders automatically in case of a low stock level. Furthermore, track the status of your purchase orders till the product reception in your warehouse location. Easily manage vendor price list, vendor bills, and track each vendor's performance in order to improve efficiency.

Integrate the solution with inventory and sales to keep track of what is coming in the warehouse and what is going from the warehouse. It will help to maintain the right stock level and reduce the risks related to product inventory. Most importantly, you will have a modern and most advanced purchase reporting system. This will allow you to see in which month you have produced which product and in what quantity.


Flawlessly mang the manufacturing orders, work orders, repair orders, and more with WaoERP Manufacturing software. You can create MOs for an item and in case you are going to consume other products instead of what you have planned initially, you can edit MOs once they are done. It has a comprehensive manufacturing dashboard, from where you can get a holistic overview of every work center. Easily create and manage bills of material in order to keep a tab on the availability of the product in warehouse inventory and production time.

WaoERP manufacturing platform has numerous features that make the production process successful. For example, you can create new routings for work orders, it helps you sequence your production process according to the routing used. Also, the advanced quality control, maintenance, and reporting tools have made it more powerful.

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"One of the best manufacturing solution I have ever seen, WaoERP manufacturing application has made our production process flawless. I am so grateful that I found WaoERP for hanlding my business funtions" 
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"WaoERP has covered every aspect of my business, from sales, inventory, purchase, accouting to the product delivery. Thank team WaoERP for providing such an amazing business automation platform"
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